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Any gardener who is plagued with stones, large or small, will appreciate this rake. In designing it, we spent a lot of time getting the right tine shape and spacing so that rocks as small as 3/4" diameter could be winnowed from the soil without taking a lot of dirt as well.

In well-tilled soil, it is an easy matter to clear the top 2" or 3" completely of stones. Once you have raked together a pile of stones, you can scoop them up in the basket-shaped head. No more stooping to pick them up or trying to rake them onto a spade. The rock rake picks them up for transfer to a wheelbarrow or bucket, or even for surreptitious dropping over a fence. It can also be used to catapult the stones some distance.

The whole tool is light (the head weighs only 3/4 lb) and has hardened steel tines that flex without deforming. 65" overall, with a 6" wide basket. In our tests, we found it to be an outstanding invention, removing all rocks from 3/4" to 4" in diameter, leaving a smooth stone-free soil. Also ideal for harvesting potatoes.

An excellent tool. Made in Canada.

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