This useful sprayer lets you dispense a variety of water-soluble materials directly from a garden hose. As water flows through the sprayer, material (vinegar, soap, fertilizer, etc.) placed in the attached container is precisely diluted to the proportion you have set on the dial (in 14 increments ranging from 1 tsp to 8 oz per gallon).

The sprayer operates just like a regular hose-end spray gun, with a trigger control, a front dial to set the spray pattern to shower, fan or jet, and a water-stop quick-connect fitting to attach it to a garden hose.

Made of translucent polypropylene, the container holds 1.2l (40 oz), with metric and Imperial graduations on the side. A mesh filter on the intake tube prevents blockage. The sprayer will also connect directly to Bayer, Spectracide and Ortho brand bottles (may not be compatible with containers available in all regions) and includes an additional extra-long intake tube for these taller containers.