These are the only outdoor lights we've seen that "talk" to each other. Completely wireless and switchless, the battery-operated lights contain an infrared motion detector coupled with a radio transmitter – the instant someone comes within the sensor’s range (up to 30'), it not only turns that light on, but the transmitter also sends a signal to activate all other lights simultaneously.

Rated for all-season exposure, each light has a tough, weatherproof housing made of impact-resistant plastic and stands about 6 1/2" tall. The screw-mount base lets you tilt and rotate the 200-lumen floodlight beam to aim it as needed.

The high-efficiency Cree LEDs run on three D batteries (not included), good for over 3000 activations. To conserve battery life, the lights automatically shut off if no motion is detected for 30 seconds, and an integral light sensor prevents needless daylight activation.

The lights are sold in pairs, or additional single lights to expand an exisiting network. You can use up to a total of 50 lights or subdivide your system into as many as four separate networks.

Whether triggered by motion or a radio signal from another light, as each light turns on it sends its own signal to activate others in the network. Transmitter range between any two lights is up to 150' (less if blocked by obstructions), but because the signal spreads from light to light, a 50-light network can span up to 7500' overall.

A flexible, well-thought-out system that's remarkably easy to install and use.