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This is the latest addition to our line of NetBright outdoor LED lighting. Like the others, this fixture has a built-in motion sensor combined with a radio transmitter that it uses to link wirelessly with the other lights in the network. As soon as someone comes within the sensor range of any of the lights, the entire array turns on simultaneously.

The fixture has dual heads that can be aimed independently, each casting a bright 500-lumen floodlight beam over a broad area. It is fully compatible with the other NetBright synchronized lights, so you can create your own system, whether using all the same type of fixtures or a combination of any of the three. You can subdivide your system into as many as four separate networks of up to 50 fixtures each, and expand or reconfigure the system at any time without having to wire anything.

The high-efficiency Cree LEDs run on four D batteries (not included), good for over 3000 activations. To conserve battery life, the lights automatically shut off if no motion is detected for 30 seconds, and an integral light sensor prevents needless daylight activation. Rated for all-season use, the fixture has a tough, weatherproof housing made of impact-resistant plastic and can be affixed to a wall, post or other surface (mounting plate and fasteners included). Excellent outdoor lighting, and a practical extension of the versatile NetBright system.