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We really like this solar-powered motion-sensing light. While it has features you'd expect of outdoor lights – it's water and UV resistant and easy to install – what sets it apart is the dual lighting it provides. In addition to a bright white front beam for temporarily illuminating a path as you approach, it has a constant back light for ambience.

The motion sensor detects movement up to 20' away and activates the front light, keeping it on until no movement is detected for 10 seconds. You can operate the unit in two modes, one to keep the front light on after 10 seconds at a reduced brightness, and the other to turn it off after the same period, until it detects motion again. In either mode, the soft-glowing back light remains on.

The solar cell recharges the built-in lithium battery, which has enough storage capacity to continuously run the light even after several days of partial sun conditions. Simple and effective outdoor lighting without having to set a timer or fumble for a light switch.

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