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Manufactured in Japan to strict standards of quality, these shears are high-carbon steel with a black lacquered finish.

Shears are essential tools for removing leaves and shoots when trimming the tree to the desired shape, and for clipping fine roots when potting it. Since most cuts are made using the tips of the shears, these have been designed with a unique overbite to ensure clean cuts at the tip. Three styles of shears are available.

The 7" long root-trimming shears have more robust 2" blades to let you selectively cut tough root fibers within the root ball.

The regular shears, 7 1/2" long overall with 2" long blades, excel at fine, controlled cuts to remove outer stems and leaves.

The slender long-handled shears, 7" long overall with 1 5/8" long blades, are ideal for reaching deep into foliage, so you can trim close to the trunk without disturbing nearby growth.

All shears have wide, looped handles that are comfortable to grip and easy to maneuver.

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