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Cutting a neat edge in tough, root-filled soil can be a challenge, but this edging tool’s innovative design makes a big difference.

Its notched blade forms two tips that penetrate more easily than the rounded blade of a conventional edger, and the bevelled saw teeth along each side make quick work of cutting through fibrous roots.

Its resin-encased carbon-steel shaft has a soft coating for a comfortable grip, and its large circular handle accommodates a range of hand positions, so you can choose the best grip angle to bear down effectively without strain. The 10 1/4" wide carbon-steel blade has a durable enamel coating to resist rust, and the 3/4" wide folded steps have a prominent tread pattern, providing a reliable place to register your foot against.

At 39 1/4" overall and weighing just under 5 lb, this is a sturdy and efficient tool.

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