Accessibility Statement


Situations that call for aerosol sprays are often those in which you don't want to be anywhere near the intended target, or can’t get close enough to aim well. This simple pole-mount adapter lets you operate the can remotely, safely out of harm's way. When spraying a wasp nest, for example, it lets you hold the can close to the nest for precise spray application, while keeping a reasonable distance from both the angry wasps and the spray. Better still, you don't have to use a ladder to reach a nest high off the ground.

Designed to fit a standard 3/4" diameter threaded pole (not included), it has a pivoting head and an adjustable belt to grip common sizes of spray cans. Pulling the 149" long stringline activates a lever that depresses the spray button on the can. Convenient, easy to use and far less wasteful than attempting to spray from a distance.

Made in USA.

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