This is an excellent sprayer. What sets it apart from other high-quality sprayers is an optional battery/pump pack that mounts easily to continuously pressurize the tank for steady flow and even coverage. A single power pack can be shared among multiple sprayers, allowing commercial users to have sprayers dedicated to different solutions, avoiding the trouble of having to drain, clean and refill a tank every time they switch applications. Of course, the tanks can also be pressurized manually using the integral hand pump.

All parts are highly resistant to damage and corrosion from chemicals and UV light. Durable Viton seals are used throughout, suitable for use with soaps, horticultural oils and organic pesticides and herbicides.

The sprayer weighs just under 4 lb and has a high-density polyethylene tank with an operating capacity of 1.5 U.S. gallons (5.7 litres). Imperial and metric graduations are marked on the translucent walls, and the 3" wide neck allows easy filling.

With three settings (jet, spray and mist), the wand has a trigger lock so you don’t have to squeeze continuously. The pump maintains a consistent pressure of 15 psi, providing up to 16' of reach. The built-in lithium-ion battery recharges using an included AC adapter; a single charge dispenses up to 29 tankfuls (about 44 U.S. gallons/166 litres). The pump and battery are sealed in a rugged housing made of ABS plastic in a rubberized protective jacket.

An excellent system for homeowners and horticulturalists alike.

Made in USA.