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In many parts of the country, deer have become the main cause of damage to gardens. We tested deer fencing for several years and settled on this 3/4" mesh in rolls 100' long and 7' high.

Although 100' weighs less than 2 lb, the mesh is very strong, easily keeping rabbits and ground hogs at bay. With deer it depends on a scarecrow effect. Deer won't breach it if they see it; the only problem is if they stumble upon it at night. Deer have excellent night vision but the mesh is nearly invisible at a distance of 20' even in daylight. For this reason we strongly recommend tying a horizontal ribbon (or 1/4" polypropylene rope) 3' to 4' off the ground as a visible warning at all times.

Any mesh used outdoors could entangle unintended wildlife, but careful placement and the use of warning ribbons can minimize this risk. For example, if using the fence to deter deer only, consider leaving a gap of 6" or more above the ground to allow small animals to pass.

Made of high-density UV-resistant polyethylene, the mesh withstands both sun and cold. An effective and inexpensive solution, it installs easily with staples (sold separately) and any small-diameter posts. Detailed fence-building instructions and user tips included.

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