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This innovative hardware kit provides components for assembling a raised wicking bed that lets you efficiently irrigate plants while reducing the amount of watering required. An excellent option for vegetable gardening, it lets you set up growing space on level ground in your yard without the need for digging, and helps to keep plants watered while you are away or during prolonged periods of hot, dry weather.

Combined with materials you supply – a few tools, wood to build a supporting frame, and growing medium – the hardware kit is easy to assemble. It contains sturdy, high-quality components made in Australia from recycled polypropylene. There are eight wicking cells that clip together to form a raised platform to support the soil. A flat-packed liner folds to make corners, forming a container that holds the cells and creates a reservoir.

Each cell has four evenly spaced slotted legs that permit the soil to wick moisture up from the reservoir as needed, providing consistent irrigation throughout the bed. An inlet pipe lets you easily add water to the reservoir; an overflow pipe allows excess rainwater to run off to avoid over-watering.

To simplify building an outside frame, we’ve included eight heavy-gauge galvanized steel stacking corners with screws for fastening the lumber. This is enough hardware to make a two-tier box 63" long by 32" wide from nominal 1" × 8" wide material, providing about 9" of growing depth. Instructions are included.

A simple, effective system.

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