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Built to withstand the elements, this wash table lets you keep the mess outside where it belongs. More than just a place to rinse off hands or vegetables before coming in from the garden, it serves a wide range of functions, from barbecue prep area to outdoor wash station at the cottage. Sturdy and rigid, it's made of stainless steel so you can leave it out all season long.

The 39" × 20" top offers about 18" × 18" of usable counter space, with a 4 gallon sink next to it. With no nooks and crannies to trap debris, the seamless surfaces are easy to rinse clean, and a pattern of raised ribs in the countertop directs water into the basin. It stands about 31" tall with adjustable feet for stability on uneven surfaces and a lower shelf for storing tools and supplies.

To supply water to the faucet, the included quick-connect fittings let you link it to your garden hose. Includes a 50" outlet hose to empty the sink into a bucket or other receptacle (you supply) for disposal. Packs flat for off-season storage. Minor assembly required.

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