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This propagation set lets you observe the process of seedling development unfolding before your eyes.

The concept is a simple adaptation of the old gardener’s trick of using toothpicks or cellophane to suspend seeds or bulbs just above a vessel of water to stimulate sprouting. Each of the 3 3/4" diameter terra cotta discs fits over a typical drinking glass, keeping the seed or seedling moist but not submerged.

One disc has multiple 2mm (1/16") holes for sprouting microgreens such as alfalfa or broccoli, one has a single 11mm (7/16") opening for a nut, bean or small bulb such as a crocus or snowdrop, and the one with a 28mm (1 1/8") hole works well with avocado pits or tulips and other large bulbs. The 11mm size can also be used to root plant cuttings or simply to hold a cut flower upright in a wide-necked vase.

An educational and entertaining indoor growing activity for any season.

(Seeds and bulbs not included.)

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