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Anyone who has started plants from seed knows how critical regular watering is to the process. One day without water can wipe out a whole tray. This seed starter not only solves this problem by providing water on demand through a capillary mat, but also creates a mini-environment for the seedlings.

To use, you fill the seed tray with potting soil and tamp it in place with the multi-legged stand. The stand is then placed in the reservoir, the capillary mat draped over it (with the ends in the reservoir), the mat is wetted as the reservoir is filled with water and the seed tray is placed on the mat. The clear dome minimizes evaporation and speeds germination. A water-level indicator in the corner of the reservoir tells you at a glance if any topping up is needed.

Remove the dome when the seeds germinate. When the transplants are ready for setting out, turn the stand over, push the tray down over top of the pegs and out pop the transplants. Nothing could be easier, and there is no transplant shock.

The stand, reservoir and seed tray are made from a high-density polystyrene, not the usual Styrofoam, and the capillary mat is non-rotting. Measures 15" × 9" × 7" high when assembled. Tray has twenty-four 2" square cells. An excellent and reusable seed starter.

Patented. Made in Canada.

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