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A newly transplanted tree lacks the extended root system needed for stability and support. As a result, many young trees are staked within an inch of their lives using tight lines. Unfortunately, staking in this manner virtually replaces the support function of the roots, reducing normal development.

Here is a unique staking kit that does nothing most of the time. A thin wrap is wound around the tree to hold ropes in place without tension. Allowing the ropes to remain slightly slack enables the roots to develop and support the tree on their own. The ropes act as a brace in strong winds, when the tree needs support that the roots are not ready to supply.

Included are a 4' polypropylene wrap (which stretches so as not to restrict trunk growth), 32' of polypropylene rope that can be cut to length, three ash stakes, and three pins for attaching the ropes to the stakes. The pins quickly attach and release, making it easy to mow over and around the stakes. Most trees need 1 to 1 1/2 seasons of growth for adequate root development to occur.

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