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Fashioned after the traditional maypole used in many European May Day celebrations, this staking solution has strings that radiate from the pole's finial to support climbing plants.

Available in two sizes. The 48" maypole assembles to stand 36" above ground with a 12" ground stake. It is appropriate for climbers such as smaller clematis and is also excellent for staking container plants. The 86" maypole, which stands 70" above ground with a 16" stake, is better suited to taller climbers such as scarlet runners and morning glory.

Made from black powder-coated steel, both poles include rot-resistant polypropylene strings and galvanized steel pegs (four of each for the 48" pole and eight of each for the 86" pole). Stemming from a pagan custom, these maypoles once symbolized the fertility of the new season, and still reflect the promise of abundant growth.