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This is the best peony support made, but it can also hold up other types of plants that tend to flop or lean into a pathway. Designed with a hinged hoop to easily encircle the plant, it can be installed whenever you need it, and you can adjust the height as required. Simply drive the 4' long steel stake into the ground next to the plant, open the hinged hoop, put it around the plant and click it into the support clamp.

The support is available with a 12", 18" or 25" diameter hoop. The hoops are interchangeable to accommodate growth. The support clamp adjusts to exactly the height you want, to give you the best spread but still keep your plant well supported during wind or rain storms.

Hoops are 1/4" dia. steel with a stainless-steel rivet hinge, and the stake is 1/2" dia. steel. Their dark green powder-coat polyester finish makes them almost invisible in the foliage. The clamp is powder-coated aluminum with solid brass fittings – a rustproof combination. This peony support will last for generations.

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