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The great advantage of this commercial fish netting lies in the material and construction. Each net is made from soft multi-strand nylon twine that has a break test strength exceeding 50 lb. The soft nylon net has no "memory" like plastic nets, so it will not get tangled up in itself and is easy to store at the end of each season. Each junction is tied with a knot. This lets you cut it to any size for various applications while the knots keep it intact – it will not unravel.

Available in two mesh sizes with 1 1/4" squares or 1/2" squares. The netting with 1 1/4" mesh squares is perfect for making a low-cost and tangle-free trellis suitable for peas, beans, squash, cucumbers and other vining plants. The 1/2" mesh size is more suited as protection netting to keep marauding animals and even the smallest birds off new plantings. Stretched over a simple frame, it can protect a berry patch and still leave it accessible for cultivation or harvest. (Just make sure you close the netting at the bottom so birds can't get underneath it.)

Both mesh sizes serve well as a load cover when hauling leaves or garbage that could be blown about. In addition to all of this, they can be used as a leaf collection net or pool cover, or even as a catch net under fruit trees to prevent bruising. The uses seem almost unlimited.

We offer the 1 1/4" mesh netting in a 30' × 29' size (which is big enough to cover some city yards but can be cut with scissors to any size) and in the full bale size of 30' × 117'. The 1/2" mesh netting comes in 12' × 29' and 12' × 117' sizes. This is excellent value in netting and, because it is made from nylon, it is rotproof and reusable for many seasons.

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