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The in-line Shrubbler has the same adjustable watering pattern as the regular Shrubbler, but is designed to be installed in series. Each in-line Shrubbler has an inlet port and an outlet port, allowing water to flow to other Shrubbler sprayers further down the line. Up to six emitters can be linked consecutively to a single 1/4" feeder line coming off a header hose. They provide 360° coverage, and eight streams radiate out from the emitter head. It has a twist-operated valve in the head, so you can set throw distance and flow rate (0 to 13 gph at 30 psi) for each emitter independently, based on local watering needs. At low settings, it irrigates a small radius like a tiny sprinkler or drip tip. At higher flow rates, water reaches farther, up to 3' in diameter. A great way to water large containers or rows requiring several emitters, without having to run multiple feeder lines.

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