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Plants along fences, walls or foundations often do not get enough water. We devised a sprinkling system that is not only easy to install and low in cost but is also versatile and effective. It consists of a main line that can be attached to a fence or wall and into which you punch holes and mount the sprayers exactly where you want them. Each sprayer is adjustable; you can turn the dial on the sprayer to adjust the water flow or tilt the sprayer to set the spray distance. For plants that don't like water on their leaves, set the line close to ground level so only the soil gets sprayed.

The kit contains 50' of 1/2" header hose, seven adjustable sprayers (two 90° and five 180°), one compression end, one hose connector with a filter washer, a hole punch (for making holes in the header hose), 10 hole plugs (for filling unwanted holes) and instructions. If you are not weaving the line through a chain-link fence or some other structure that will support the hose and hold it in position, you will also need the included set of 10 mounting clips (with screws). Extra parts available separately. Can be attached to any of our other irrigation kits.

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