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Specifically designed to water borders and gardens on the perimeter of a property or stand-alone beds, this kit includes 15 spray jets — five each of circle, half-circle and quarter-circle patterns to let you pick and choose the right combination for your situation.

It also has 10 stakes and 10 risers (to get the water up over tall plants), 50' of 1/2" header hose, 50' of 1/4" feeder line, 10 straight connectors, a faucet connector, a compression end and a hole punch. In all, enough to water a 40' × 5' border or a 50' × 10' stand-alone bed — or up to 500 sq. ft.

Consumption varies with configuration. Consumes about 200 gph when watering 500 sq. ft.

Made in USA.

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