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Driven by a solar pump, this kit lets you automate the distribution of water from a rain barrel without need for an electrical outlet or a water timer. Straightforward to set up and maintain, the system includes enough hose, stakes and emitters to water up to twelve 20 litre (5.2 U.S. gallon) pots or a 39' vegetable row.

Mounted on a post or wall in a sunny location, the pump unit irrigates at 3-hour intervals and has five settings to let you adjust how much water is released. The unit runs on three included AA rechargeable batteries powered by the integral 400mA solar panel. The system includes 12 each of emitters and stakes, 10 tees, 49' of irrigation tubing, an intake filter to block debris, and a syringe to help with re-priming if needed. An anti-siphon device to prevent unintentional drawing from your water source between intervals is also included. The unit runs in daylight hours only, and should not be exposed to freezing temperatures.

For use with larger gardens, we offer an optional extension kit separately that includes an additional 49' of tubing and 12 each of emitters, stakes and tees.

As an option for watering rows, the micro-porous hose kit (sold separately) can be used in place of the emitters or combined with them.

A watering system that’s easy, effective and off the grid.

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