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Fertilizing while you water not only saves time but ensures even application, reducing the chance of over-fertilizing and burning plants. This siphon mixer makes application easy.

Just prepare any water-soluble fertilizer in a pail, attach the siphon unit to your faucet, drop the siphon line into the pail and turn on the faucet. As the water passes through the siphon unit, fertilizer is automatically drawn up from the pail and blended with the flowing water. This in turn is sent to a hose end, sprinkler, soaker hose, etc., to feed the plants.

The siphon automatically mixes at a rate of 16:1 (16 parts water to 1 part fertilizer) but the final application rate can be adjusted by diluting or concentrating the liquid fertilizer beforehand. A backflow preventer keeps the fertilizer from backing up into the water source, or water into the fertilizer, if there is a loss of pressure.

Full instructions included. Maximum hose length of 50'.

Made in USA.

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