Professional horticulturists have relied on this soil meter for over 60 years because it is easy to use, precise and convenient, letting you accurately measure two key soil variables with a single hand-held probe. It requires no batteries or chemical tablets, ensuring consistent, hassle-free operation even when testing repeatedly in multiple locations.

Unlike commonly available pH test kits, which give color-coded readings to show results within a certain range, this has an easy-to-read needle gauge that indicates a precise reading, eliminating guesswork when applying soil treatments. Just insert the tip into the soil for 3 to 5 minutes; the bimetal probe gauges soil conductivity to measure moisture content from 0 to 100%, and pH from 3.5 (strongly acidic) to 8 (moderately alkaline). You can toggle between the two readings at the push of a button. A reference chart printed on the side indicates how much limestone treatment to add (per acre or 1000 sq.ft.) to adjust soil pH to optimum levels.

To ensure consistent, accurate readings, any accumulated oxidation should be removed from the metal sensor plates by quickly rubbing them with a sheet of conditioning film (two included, each good for about 20 uses; replacement sheets are available in packages of 12). The meter is supplied in a protective vinyl storage sheath.

Made in Japan.

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