Accessibility Statement


Ideal for medium- to high-traffic zones, this feeder has four feeding ports and holds 12 oz (354ml) of syrup. The wrap-around perch is well positioned for hummingbirds to rest and conserve energy while feeding, and a built-in ant moat keeps six-legged trespassers from helping themselves to a free meal. The lid fits snugly on the base and releases for easy cleaning or refilling.

Made from impact-resistant polycarbonate, the feeder is 7 3/4" in diameter and 9" tall with the brass hook installed. Dishwasher safe.

Optional nectar guard tips (available separately) slide onto the feeding ports to create a barrier that flying insects cannot penetrate.

Made in USA.

The National Audubon Society gives these tips to help stop the spread of bird diseases such as avian flu. Clean feeders and bird baths with a solution of nine parts water to one part bleach every two weeks. Use multiple feeders to make it easier for birds to feed at a distance from each other, and remove feces and seed casings from below feeders regularly.

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