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For seasons of enjoyable bird-watching in your own yard, this kit lets you assemble an eye-catching birdhouse to welcome small songbirds.

Made of unfinished Western hemlock from British Columbia, the pre-cut wall pieces connect with saddle-notched joints, similar to traditional log-cabin construction, providing thick walls for insulation. The sloping roof protects nesters from the rain, and a gap between the walls and roof permits ventilation. The removable plastic base is convenient for end-of season cleaning.

Designed for cavity nesters such as chickadees and wrens that opt for small, single abodes, it has a 1 1/8" diameter entrance to thwart larger species. And since it has no perch, it helps to keep the occupants safe from predators. Inside dimensions 3 5/8" × 3 5/8" × 6" high.

Made in Canada, the 49-piece kit also includes glue, a cord for hanging and a Lee Valley sign that can be turned over if you wish to personalize it.

Ages 8 and up.

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