Approved by the North American Bluebird Society, this bluebird house provides a secure nesting site protected from the elements. Made in the USA, it is durably constructed from nominal 7/8" thick unfinished red cedar, with aluminum and rust-resistant zinc-plated steel hardware.

A copper shield surrounds the 1 1/2" diameter portal, preventing squirrels and other invaders from widening the hole to take over the nest. Latches keep the hinged side walls closed but can be easily released for monitoring or maintenance. One wall opens onto a clear acrylic insert so you can check on the nest without disturbing it; the other allows full access for cleaning.

Small holes for cross-ventilation and drainage, combined with a metal screen to keep the nest elevated, help keep the nest cool and dry. A screen secured to the inside front wall provides a ladder for fledglings leaving the nest. The overhanging roof blocks rainfall and predators from above, and provides a wide perch.

14 3/4" × 6 3/4" × 6", with an 8 1/2" square roof. Mounting hardware included.