Dear Customer,

While the selection of items in our hardware catalog continues to grow by leaps and bounds every year, the careful observer will note that an awful lot of the cabinet hardware is just more of the same: a new finish here, an additional ring on a knob there, or a different foot on a handle.

You see, just as has occurred in the hand-tool industry, there has been a "rationalization" of many traditional cabinet hardware suppliers. In addition to the ongoing flight of production to Asia, smaller firms are being bought up, and only the items with the highest of sales volumes retained. There may be a much greater selection overall, but there's really a smaller range of choices.

Consequently, nestled among the more than 500 new(ish!) items in this catalog are our first forays into the design and manufacture of custom lines of hardware. What makes these offerings somewhat different though, is that they aren't just the standard two sizes of knob, coupled with three sizes of handle and offered in a few finishes. Our classic collection (pages 24-25) has an impressive range of knob and handle sizes, available in seven different finishes. Classically conservative in design, they are meant to complement your pieces without dominating them.

Also new this year are the turned brass knobs on the back cover. Designed to be glued in place, they have a tumbled finish that can be quickly polished if desired, or left to develop an attractive natural patina (a bit of vinegar will speed that up!).

While neither range makes a particularly bold statement, they are certainly legitimate new choices, and that in itself is a good thing.


Robin C. Lee