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Dear Customer,

The Veritas Quick-Release Sliding Tail Vise on the back cover is not only a significant departure from traditional tail vise designs, it represents the second time we have done so with a tail vise.

It is often said that artists and writers rarely achieve their peak of fame or appreciation until after their demise, and so it was with our first effort. Released in the spring of 1996, the Veritas Sliding Tail Vise was the first of its type to isolate the metal components from the wood, creating a surface-mounted tail vise that didn't bind. Add to that an integral dog block in the nose of the vise, and a quick release that could be operated by hand or with a knee lever, and we were convinced we had a winner. We were eventually proven correct, but only after we ceased production and it became known that the vise had gone out of production; we sold more of them in the last five weeks of sales than we had in the entire introductory year. They are still much-sought-after vises.

The current vise, too, has been designed for easy retrofitting to existing benches or incorporation into a new bench. It glides smoothly on two precisely fitted steel guide rods, and can be configured for right- or left-hand mounting. The lever actuated quick release is effective, and the Acme-threaded screw lets the vise apply force on both opening and closing. It is an elegant design, superbly executed.

This time, we're convinced its kudos will not be posthumous ...


Robin C. Lee