Dear Customer,

The catalog you now hold in your hands is our largest catalog ever – more than 50% larger than last year! As odd as it may seem, this change of size has been made practical as a result of continually increasing costs and the necessity to realign how we use our large annual publications and still meet your expectations. We are keenly aware that for many of you, these are catalogs you want, value and use, and we want you to have them too!

For many years now, we have artificially held our catalog down to a size that was economical to mail as a standalone piece to people we thought would want it. This year, we have reached the tipping point where it is just no longer feasible (or sustainable) to continue to send them on that basis. Additionally, many of you have told us that you use the web-based version, or the tablet-based library applications available for iPad, iPod, iPhone and now Android devices as well, and honestly have no real need for the print version.

As a result, we are rolling much more content into the catalog while relying on you to indicate that you want the catalog by requesting it when you order or visit a store. At the same time, we remain committed to developing and mailing supplementary and specialty catalogs that ensure you receive new product information and technical updates. We will continue to provide content in the manner that you prefer on a regular basis. Keep checking those mailboxes– physical and electronic!


Robin C. Lee