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There's a place for one of these locksets in every home. Innovative and well made, these doorknobs don't just release the latch when turned – they also work when pushed or pulled (push when the door swings away, pull when the door swings toward you).

Now you can open a door with a nudge of your hip or the pull of a finger. That makes them ideal for doors you often open when your hands are occupied, such as the door to the garage, a storage room or even a stairwell. They are also suitable for those with grip or dexterity challenges.

ADA compliant and built to ANSI Grade 2 standards (right between standard residential and heavy-duty commercial), each comes with 2 3/8" (60mm) and 2 3/4" (70mm) backset latch assemblies to fit all standard residential doors 1 3/8" to 1 3/4" thick. They have dual torsion springs and a sturdy chassis assembly that makes for smooth, secure operation.

Installation is easy and requires only a Phillips screwdriver (on doors that are pre-drilled for a lockset); instructions, strike plate and fasteners included. They are available in passage, privacy and keyed configurations. The locking doorknobs are for use on inward-opening doors only.

Passage: For non-locking interior doors such as those on closets and pantries.

Privacy: Often used on bedroom and bathroom doors, they lock from the inside with a turn button (plain key supplied to open it if accidentally locked).

Keyed Entry: Typically for exterior doors, they can be locked or unlocked from outside with a key (two supplied) and from inside by turning a knob.

The Stafford style has a satin nickel finish.

We know you have at least one door that begs for one of these sets! Highly recommended.

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