This compact, self-contained lift is an easy way to install a hidden monitor in a cabinet or kitchen island. It uses a pneumatic cylinder to smoothly lift a flat TV or computer monitor (up to 24" screen diagonal) above the top surface of a cabinet.

When raised, the screen can be rotated and tilted for best viewing angle. The included cable guide keeps the monitor's wires organized.

The steel and aluminum mechanism operates much like the push button on a ballpoint pen; pushing the top down slightly releases the cylinder to rise. To conceal the screen again, just push it back down, resetting the pneumatic mechanism.

The unit measures 670mm tall, 115mm wide and 54mm thick (26 3/8" × 4 1/2" × 2 1/8") when retracted. Mounting instructions are included. The supplied monitor bracket has standard VESA 75mm × 75mm and 100mm × 100mm mounting holes. Maximum monitor weight is 6kg (13 lb).

Made in Germany.