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This is an incredibly strong, versatile panel connector.

Made from tough fiberglass-reinforced nylon, it supports loads up to 440 lb (200kg) and can be used indoors or out. The paired semicircular fittings mount to the two panels being linked, screwed in place on either side of the joint (six #8 screws not included). A third fitting caps the two surface-mounted fittings, drawing them together and locking with a twist to form a joint that is snug, rigid and secure, yet can be disassembled as often as needed with an easy one-handed twist. (You can also prevent manual disassembly by inserting a screw into a channel on the upper face.)

Sitting just 1/2" proud of the mounting surface, the low-profile connector has no sharp projections to catch anyone who brushes against it. It measures 4 1/2" in diameter (requires an unobstructed mounting area of about 5 1/2" for hand clearance).

Made in Australia.

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