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You won't be disappointed with these furniture pads. They not only stay exactly where you place them, but are highly resistant to wear and compression. The pads are made from a dense wool-blend felt, forming a resilient cushion to dampen squeaks and protect against scuffs and scratches. The peel-and-stick backing isn't just a thin surface layer of double-faced tape, it's a generously applied glue that penetrates the pad fibers. The high-tack adhesive creates a tenacious bond with virtually any clean, dry surface – you won't discover these stuck to a slipper (or the cat) at a later date.

Set includes fifty 3/4" diameter pads, forty 1" diameter pads and thirty-two 1 1/2" diameter pads, plus one 4 1/2" × 5 3/4" rectangular pad that you can cut to a custom fit with scissors or a hobby knife.

Made in Canada, these top-quality pads are a significant upgrade over any others we've used. Highly recommended.

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