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Each of these cup-style hooks has a powerful rare-earth magnet embedded in the base, so you can instantly mount it anywhere you have a steel surface. They are an easy way to add a hanger to a tool cabinet, a locker or the side of your fridge, and of course can be relocated at any time.

Made of steel with a rust-resistant nickel-plated finish. Measurements given are base diameter by hook projection. The magnet strengths listed are rated as the maximum pounds of force required in a straight pull to disengage them from 3/8" thick steel.

  • The 5/8" × 1 1/2" hook has a magnet strength of 11 lb/5kg
  • The 3/4" × 1 5/8" hook has a magnet strength of 24 lb/11kg
  • The 1" × 1 5/8" hook has a magnet strength of 26 1/2 lb/12kg

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