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UHMW polyethylene is the material you find in most factory-made jigs. The letters stand for “ultra-high molecular weight,” a type of plastic that is dense, tough, rigid, impervious to moisture and, most important, has a very low coefficient of friction. Jig bases made from it slide easily on machine tables.

We offer it in a range of sizes so that you can use it for making fences, jigsaw sub-tables, etc., as well as jig bases.

One of the most useful strips is the 3/4" × 3/8" × 48", sized to fit in table slots. The width is cut to close tolerances so that it fits well in a 3/4" slot and completely avoids the annoying galling that you get with many slot runners. It machines much like wood. It can be drilled, tapped, routed or cut with a saw blade. It even makes good bearings for low rpm use.

Made in USA.

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