Accessibility Statement


This is a well-designed carousel. With six slide-mounted wire baskets that extend up to 10" from the cabinet opening, it not only provides for significant storage, but also allows easy access to contents. The sliding baskets are spaced to hold items up to 8" tall.

The carousel has six additional side baskets that are height adjustable to permit variable spacing within a limited range (individual baskets can also be removed to allow a greater range of adjustability for the remaining baskets). The unit rotates on a central shaft, with position stops at every quarter-turn.

Easily installed in new cabinet construction or as a retrofit to an existing one, it has a height-adjustable mounting bracket that screws to the top and bottom of cabinets 73cm to 76.5cm (28" to 30") tall and at least 58cm (22 7/8") deep. Door opening must be at least 42cm (16 1/2") wide. The 6.5cm (2 1/2") deep heavy-gauge steel wire baskets are mounted on a sturdy steel frame with a tough epoxy coating.

Installation instructions and all mounting hardware included.

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