Accessibility Statement


This optional dial-operated dimmer may be used with any of our white LED lighting. Wired between the power supply and the lighting, it adjusts light intensity from 0 to 100%.

The dimmer comes with a wireless touchpad for operation from up to 100' away. Either unit can be surface mounted using the included screws or installed in a switch box recessed into a wall (where allowed by building code).

The touchpad has increment, decrement and on/off buttons, and uses an included type 27A (12V) battery. To independently dim lighting in separate areas using separate touchpads, pair a dimmer and touchpad for each area.

Alternatively, you can program a single touchpad to simultaneously dim lighting in multiple areas. For this option, order a dimmer with a touchpad and as many additional manual dimmers (available separately) as you need.

This dimmer is compatible only with our 12V LED system and is not compatible with our 24V LED system.

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