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Designed specifically as grow lighting, this bendable LED tape lighting lets you grow plants in just about any indoor area. It can be cut to length with scissors, and the peel-and stick backing makes installation a breeze. To concentrate output, the tape is also flexible enough to be formed into spirals, zigzags or other shapes. The light produced is tailored primarily to the red and blue wavelengths that plants rely on for growth, with little heat emitted. (If you're not fond of the lights' pinkish hue, you can simply operate them overnight or with a timer – the plants won't mind.) The length of tape lighting needed depends on the amount of light your plants require. For reference, one metre of GroFlex shaped in a 10cm dia. spiral, placed 10cm above a plant and operated for 12 hours, will satisfy shade-tolerant plants. For sun-loving plants, use 2.5m arranged in a similarly dense pattern and operate it for 24 hours per day.

A 12V DC power supply is required and we suggest a switch for on/off control. We offer two kits that contain all the components needed for a basic installation: an 8' (2.5m) roll of tape light with 24" (60cm) of pre-soldered lead wire, a 20W standard 12V DC power supply, and a choice of either a simple on/off rocker switch or an outlet timer.

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