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With a white LED added to the red, green and blue (RGB) LEDs, this tape lighting represents a new development in color-customizable LED lighting.

Before, the only way to get a white light with color-adjustable tape lights was by setting the three colors to maximum intensity, resulting in a slightly muddled white light. The addition of a white LED lets you switch to a clean, soft 3000K white light that can be adjusted for brightness. The white light can also be mixed with colors to increase the range of adjustment; by adjusting the level of each base color (much like mixing paint), you can set the lighting to almost any color, including pastel tones and variations of white.

The 30+30 LEDs per metre (9+9 LEDs per foot) density is well suited for decorative lighting such as above cabinets, in coves, or on tray ceilings, where ambience is the primary purpose of the lighting.

This pre-assembled set supplies an 8' tape length, pre-soldered with a 48" wire lead for connection to a power supply (sold separately), a splice connector for in-line strip-to-strip connections, a wire-lead connector to extend two sections around corners, plus two wire support clips and installation instructions. To join multiple sets, cut the pre-soldered 48" wire lead from any tape being linked to the first and use the included splice connector to create a continuous run of lighting.

For longer connections, the tape light is also available in a 32' length set.

Ordering by the foot is an economical option when adding a short length of lighting to a set. For example, if you need 10' of lighting, instead of buying two 8' sets, order one 8' set plus another 2' of lighting and use a splice connector to join the light strips.

We also have lights with 60+60 LEDs per metre (18+18 LEDs per foot) density for use in accent lighting and for task lighting such as under cabinets and in toe-kick areas.

The light strips are backed with a high-tack peel-and-stick adhesive and can be cut to length every 6 1/2". The lighting requires a 24V DC power supply, some wiring and a color controller, all available separately. While not required, you may want to add an on/off switch. We also offer channels and diffusers for more refined installations.

The lighting is CSA listed, and the LEDs are rated for 65,000 hours of continuous use.

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