Accessibility Statement


This wireless push-button switch lets you turn your electrical devices on or off from up to 50' away. It's easy to install; just plug the receiver into a standard 120V outlet and plug the device you’d like to control into the receiver’s three-pin receptacle.

Each switch comes pre-paired with its own receiver, so several sets can be installed for different devices, even in the same room, without any signal interference between them.

Additionally, two switches can be paired to a single receiver, and each switch can also be paired to control up to four receivers.

The plate easily surface mounts onto walls like a traditional light switch (with the option of screws or double-sided tape) or magnetically attaches to any ferrous surface. The switch itself is removable from the plate for use as a portable remote and is also magnetic.

The remote operates using one included CR2032 battery. 1100W max. Indoor use only.

Instruction booklet and mounting hardware included.