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This system can be used to tension wire fences, anchor fence posts, stabilize garden sheds, strengthen foot bridges, prevent wooden gates from sagging or cross-brace the legs of a workbench, as just a few examples.

The kit includes 10 aluminum-bodied anchors with spring-loaded hardened steel jaws, 150' of 14-gauge high-tension steel wire (HTSW), a tensioning device, and two drills: a 27/64" × 9" twist drill for through-boring and a 5" piloted counterbore for seating the anchors and insetting them when needed.

The tensioning device is made specifically for 14-gauge HTSW, but the anchors are compatible with 12 1/2 gauge HTSW as well and will withstand up to 1600 lb when used in the anchor. 14-gauge HTSW will withstand up to 800 lb when used in the anchor. This leaves a 500 lb safety factor when tensioned at the recommended 250 lb to 300 lb maximum. Unlike unhardened wire, HTSW is elastic in use and does not deform.

Additional wire and wire anchors are available separately.

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