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From 1879 to 1932 the Otterville Manufacturing Company designed and built many consumer items, from mechanical carpet sweepers to Victorian folding screens. One of its better products was a height-adjustable piano stool; today it is much sought after by antique collectors.

We have remodelled that mechanism to make our piano stool mechanism. It includes a 3" long machined steel nut (for insertion in the stool base) plus a 4 1/2" diameter seat flange fixed to a 1" diameter by 8" long threaded steel shaft. The #6 and #12 fixing screws needed are not included, since their length will be design dependent.

A unique feature of our redesign is threading only the bottom third of the nut. This avoids toppling of the seat if the shaft is spun out of the threaded portion. The system still provides 6" of height adjustment.

Made in Canada.

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