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These items are discontinued. Available while quantities last.

With this well-made hardware, you can create an attractive, durable pen. High-quality platings yield a crisply detailed, uniform surface and a precise fit between parts, combining ease of assembly with trouble-free function.

Surprisingly light and well balanced for its size (0.600" cap diameter), this boldly styled rollerball pen is ideal for showing off spectacular figured woods or marbled acrylic acetate.

The rollerball cartridge comes with black ink and is ceramic-tipped for durability. The gold finish includes small amounts of cobalt and palladium for abrasion resistance.

Requires a 33/64" & 31/64" drill bit. The minimum blank size is 3/4" × 3 3/4". Drill bits, blanks, bushings and mandrels sold separately. Because mishaps can occur during turning or assembly, we offer brass replacement tubes.

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