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Available in stainless steel or brass, these top-quality cane and staff tips are made in our own machine shop. The 3/4" long size fits shafts with a 5/8" or larger end diameter; the 1 1/4" long size fits shafts with a minimum 3/4" end diameter. The two smaller sizes are scored internally to provide a mechanical lock for gluing and have internally chamfered lips for a snug fit.

Measuring 1 3/4" long, the largest tip fits shafts with a 1" or larger end diameter and mounts with an included screw. To fit the large cane tip to the shaft, you can shape the shaft end freehand to match the tapered tip socket, or to apply a close-fit taper, you can use our 5/8" Veritas tapered tenon cutter.

All three sizes include heavy-duty rubber tips (with fixing screws) for everyday use; the two larger sizes also come with a stainless-steel tip that can be interchanged with the rubber tip for additional grip when stream wading or mountaineering.

Made in Canada, these are elegant, durable fittings. Sizes listed in price lines are length by diameter.

Replacement rubber tips are available separately.

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