Accessibility Statement


When not in use, these pulls lie nearly flush with the surface, but with a light push on one of the hinged panels, the opposite panel automatically lifts up to reveal a concealed grip recess. When released, both panels return to flush with a soft-closing action.

On the one-way pulls, pressing the marked panel activates the mechanism, raising the plain panel; on the two-way pulls, either panel may be pressed, raising the opposite panel. The two-way pulls can be used in sliding doors, and all pulls are suitable for drawers and hinged doors.

Cast zinc alloy with a sturdy plastic mounting plate, the pulls may be glued into a mortise or bolted using two M4 bolts (not included). Minimum 3/4" (18mm) material thickness. Stainless-steel finish. Sizes listed are required mortise dimensions; the lip sits 1/16" (1.6mm) proud.