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For use wherever you need a retractable shelf or tray, these slides are primarily designed for computer keyboards.

Four slotted tabs (two in each slide) mount to a shelf or keyboard tray. The four inverted "L" mounting brackets can be turned in or out, and can be adjusted to vary the distance from the mounting surface to the bottom of the shelf from 1 7/8" to 3 1/8" in 3/8" increments.

Slides have a positive hold-open and hold-closed feature, and are available in four different overall lengths.

  • The 14" (353mm) slides have tab spacing of 6 1/4" (159mm) and travel 9 13/32" (239mm)
  • The 16" (403mm) slides have tab spacing of 7 1/4" (184mm) and travel 10 29/32" (277mm)
  • The 18" (454mm) slides have tab spacing of 8 1/4" (210mm) and travel 12 25/64" (315mm)
  • The 20" (505mm) slides have tab spacing of 10 1/4" (260mm) and travel 13 57/64" (353mm)

Black finish. Sold in pairs, mounting screws included.

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