Accessibility Statement


With these slides, just a light push with a hip or elbow is all it takes to fully open or close the drawer – a real convenience when you have wet or sticky hands, and a significant aid for those with reduced mobility.

A light push on the drawer front releases an internal catch, so the drawer automatically pops forward and glides open. Another light push easily closes it, activating Blumotion dampers that gently pull the drawer through the last portion of its travel, ensuring it closes firmly without slamming shut.

The concealed carriage-style slides have a smooth-running nylon gear system that minimizes friction, so you can operate even heavy drawers with minimal noise and effort.

Straightforward to install, they have adjustment mechanisms that let you fine-tune drawer position (vertical, horizontal, level and flush) for a precise fit. Quick-release locking fittings permit easy drawer removal for cleaning.

Sold in pairs (instructions and mounting hardware included), the slides are for use with drawer panels up to 16mm (5/8") thick; weight capacity (dynamic load) is 0 to 10kg for the 300mm size and 5kg to 40kg for the rest.

For drawers wider than 40cm, we recommend using the rigid linkage bar, sold separately, which connects the two slides, ensuring synchronous travel to avoid skewing or binding. We also offer an optional installation template that makes it easier to align two or more adjacent drawer fronts.

Made in Austria.

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