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Familiar to anyone who remembers card catalogs, index followers keep loose documents upright and pressed to the front (or back) of a drawer. Easily installed in a new drawer or as a retrofit to an existing one, the 26" long by 1 1/2" wide track (sold separately) mounts to the drawer bottom with four #6 flat-head screws.

Each follower has a release tab to let you slide it along the track as files are added or removed; raised detents on the track (3/8" spacing) lock the follower in position.

The small follower is 2 1/2" × 4 3/4" wide and is for use with small files such as 3" × 5" index cards or letter-size envelopes; the large size is 7 1/4" × 10 3/4" and fits standard filing cabinet drawers; it can be used to organize office folders, periodicals, and letter- and legal-size documents. Multiple followers can be used on a single track to subdivide files.

Steel with a protective zinc/chrome-plated finish. Made in USA.

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