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Discontinued. Limited stock. Price reduced.

Because stamped-steel shelf brackets are bulky and low-cost, it seems that market pricing is based more on the cost of storing and handling than on the price from the manufacturer.

By selling the brackets in compact packages, we can offer them at half the average retail prices in other hardware stores. We are also pleased to be able to offer the 3" × 4" size, which is hard to find and so convenient for close vertical spacing of shelves, particularly for finishes, fasteners, etc., in a shop.

Available in white only.

Note: Our shelf brackets are about 1/16" under the size stated. Brackets of other retail vendors will most often be 1" smaller than marked — it was once customary to mark them according to the dimensions of the board they were used with, not the actual size of the bracket. Also, our 5” × 6” brackets are made from thicker steel and are stronger than most others of the same nominal size.

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